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The Grace of Giving:

Tithing, the act of giving a portion of one's income to the church, is not merely a financial transaction but a profound expression of faith and obedience. From a Cornerstone Church perspective, tithing fuels the mission of the church, strengthens the community, and profoundly impacts the lives of people in Rolleston.

It's important to note that we, at Cornerstone Church, see tithing as a personal commitment between the individual and God, and it's not something that we typically preach about or emphasize during sermons.

Ways to Give


At the Info Kiosk on Sundays

Internet Banking

Westpac: 03 0767 0513629 00

Particulars: Name and Surname

Code: Tithes / Event / Other

Reference: Tithing Number (if available)

Do you have a Tithing Number?

Stay Connected

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