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Upcoming Events

Here at Cornerstone Church Rolleston, we host a variety of enriching events that cater to our entire church family. Our events are designed not only to bring us closer to God but also to create an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment. We regularly welcome guest speakers, renowned for their inspirational messages, to share their wisdom and faith with us.

We have a number of  events and gatherings that foster fellowship, personal growth, and deep connections, ensuring there's something for everyone. Whether you're seeking personal enrichment, community bonds, or spiritual nourishment, our church events are a perfect fit. We invite you to join our lively and welcoming church community, where you'll not only experience the warmth of fellowship and the joy of shared faith but also relish the pure fun and enjoyment that comes with it.

PATHWAYS is a new innovative set up my Michele.  Do you want to be able to remember scripture or a list of items easily? Then this is for you.  Starting May 4. 

Please register on planning centre

Stay Connected

Church Center is a mobile app where the Cornerstone Rolleston family can explore, engage, and get involved throughout the week and get to know the heart of Cornerstone Rolleston.


One of our Church Corners


Life is about growth. To be part of Cornerstone Church is to be growing in life and faith with no barrier. It's about a daily journey of genuine encounters with God. As we live for Jesus, we are being transformed by his power and for his purpose. in this process we become more like him and more comfortable with uncomfortable 

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