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THis is the Cornerstone team that work together to lead Cornerstone to have a stronger con

The Cornerstone Team

At Cornerstone Church Rolleston, we hold a deep belief that community is the heart and soul of our church. We understand that we're all on this remarkable journey together, bound by the common threads of faith, love, and a shared purpose. It brings us immense joy to introduce you to the remarkable individuals who work together in our church, making it a place of love, support, and unwavering faith.

Meet our Pastors

Ps. Andre Powell

Ps. Andre Powell


Andre and his family have been living and pastoring in Rolleston since the beginning of 2017. Andre and Hannah have both been involved in ministry leadership for the past fifteen years.


The leadership of youth, worship teams, young adults and evening services have been just a few of the hats they have both worn until Andre was ordained in the Acts churches in 2015.

Ps. Lyndon Sutherland

Ps. Lyndon Sutherland


Lyndon has a passion to see people meet Jesus. He and his wife Kath bring almost 30 + years of church leadership background to Cornerstone. Lyndon is a natural leader and gifted communicator.

Lyndon and Kath own and operate their own farm in Leeston. Lyndon was ordained as a credentialed minister in early 2020. They have four adult sons and lots of grandchildren too!

Meet the Team

Stay Connected

Church Center is a mobile app where the Cornerstone Rolleston family can explore, engage, and get involved throughout the week and get to know the heart of Cornerstone Rolleston.

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One of our Church Corners


From our very beginning, Cornerstone Church has and is a community, a family, we are a family centered in Christ, our goal is unity created by Christ.  We partner with God in his works of transforming lives and communities, both locally and globally being ourselves transformed in the process. We love our wider community and have a focus on sharing Gods love for them in genuine and authentic ways

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