We have an EPIC team of paid staff and volunteers who serve on our staff team.


These individuals serve Cornerstone in so many ways, but on a Monday morning – they help get things done!


Andre powell



Andre and his family have been living and pastoring in Rolleston since the beginning of 2017. Andre and Hannah have both been involved in ministry leadership for the past fifteen years.


The leadership of youth, worship teams, young adults and evening services have been just a few of the hats they have both worn until Andre was ordained in the Acts churches in 2015.

HANNAH powell



A  genuine leader with a desire to bring hope & joy to all, especially the broken, the young, and the unloved.


Hannah is a gifted worship leader and musician. Hannah works locally as a registered nurse part-time. Hannah and Pastor Andre’s have three fantastic children, Isaac, Luka and Evie!



A gentleman with a big heart, who adores the outdoors and a good laugh! Warren brings considerable experience to the Cornerstone Leadership team with 30+ years as an Anglican Minister.


ROb mcarthur




A man not willing to settle, but chase after what God has placed on his heart. Rob serves on numerous boards across New Zealand, including two mission organisations. Rob and his wife Catherine live and run a retreat centre 10 minutes outside of Rolleston.

Associate Pastor & Eldership

Lyndon has a passion to see people meet Jesus. He and his wife Kath bring almost 30 + years of church leadership background to Cornerstone. Lyndon is a natural leader and gifted communicator.

Lyndon and Kath own and operate their own farm in Leeston. Lyndon was ordained as a credentialed minister in early 2020. They have four adult sons and lots of grandchildren too!

Pastors Personal Assistant

Kath assists our Pastoral team with administrative and ‘manager’ responsibilities. Kath also leads our
Pastoral Care team. Kath has a warmness and disarming nature and has a real passion to see genuine freedom in people’s lives. Kath has had 30+ years of leadership experience with her Husband Ps. Lyndon.


Donny Taynton

Kendal Partridge


Cornerstone Intern & Youth Group Leader

Donny Leads our growing youth community with his lovely wife Steph. An ex-Army man, and a qualified Electrician, Donny brings a lot to the team! But more than that Donny has a gift of evangelism on his life and can-do attitude that we love. 


jordan jones

Worship Team Leader & Women’s Ministry

Jordan is creative, she loves creating events, environments and atmospheres for all people. Jordan is an extremely talented vocalist, with a background in English literature she is even a published author!


Jordan is also an integral part of our women’s ministry leadership. Jordan is married to Elliott, they have been a part of Cornerstone since early 2017. 

Cornerstone Kids Co-Ordinator

Kendal and Josh lead our growing kid’s ministry. They have many years’ experience working in a variety of children’s ministries and programmes. They are passionate about working with families to help equip kids to connect and grow in their relationship with God.

They have three young daughters and love to get out and about on family ‘adventures’ whenever they can.


michelle tuck

Digital Content Coordinator

Michelle handles all things digital and ‘pretty’ here at Cornerstone. Michelle wears many hats, including full-time artist, photographer and general ‘Horsey Girl Stuff’. Michelle is married to Steve and they have been a part of the Cornerstone Whanau since 2018.

General Administrator

Nikki has been in this role for many years and been a member of Cornerstone for even longer. Nikki and her husband Ed have 3 ‘almost’ adult kids, whom all serve and love Cornerstone. Nikki’s role is to coordinate and communicate in all aspects of church life.


She lights up the room with her smile, she is a great connector and a great example of what makes Cornerstone – Cornerstone!