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We are Family

Cornerstone Church Rolleston is a growing community of believers who love Rolleston and the greater Selwyn district - we live here - we serve here – we LOVE here!

We are a Pentecostal church which is part of the ACTS Church movement.


Here at Cornerstone our mission statement is: Building people, building communities. The 'Five Columns of Cornerstone Church Rolleston' are - Presence, Relational, Authentic, Community and Growing.
On a Sunday you will find Cornerstone Church located at the heart of Selwyn, in the Rolleston Community Centre Led by Pastor Andre Powell and his wife Hannah, They have been here since the beginning of 2017.
Our Senior Pastor Andre and his wife Hannah, carry a vibrant and unique vision for Cornerstone Church Rolleston and for its role in the district. They are passionate, creative, and love seeing people encounter God’s presence.

When you visit, you will find a vibrant intergenerational church that reflects the growing and diverse community that has been making up Rolleston for the past 25 years and counting.
We are known for our friendliness and authenticity.

Rolleston Community Centre Cornerston Church

Sunday Service

This Sunday 10:00am

Rolleston Community Centre

Our Five Cornerstones

Presence Cornerstone


Relational Cornerstone


Authentic Cornerstone


Cornerstone Church is a community led by the Holy Spirit. We love encountering him individually and corporately too.  For us what counts is daily encounters with God, experiencing his presence and leading.  We are committed to the biblical outworking of the Spirit in all of us. 

Exodus 33:14, My presence will go with you and I will give you rest

Cornerstone Church is about life, not just on Sunday, but through the whole week. We are an ever growing and interconnected family which loves, lives with, and serves each other.  We are about creating environments where people connect with God, and connect with each other. We connect others to God with Jesus at the centre of it all.

John 13:34, Love one another as I have loved you

We believe God has designed each of us individually and uniquely.  When put together, it is all of our backgrounds,  experiences and gifts that make up Cornerstone Church's expression of the body of Christ. We want to honour being what God has called us to be. We value genuineness and people, over process or procedure. We are honest about our struggles, and we lead with integrity and transparency.

Romans 12:9, Let love be genuine.

Community Cornerstone


Growth Cornerstone


From our very beginning, Cornerstone Church has been a community and has also been a family. We are a family centered in Christ, and our goal is to have a unity which is created by Christ.  We partner with God in his work of transforming lives and communities, both locally and globally. While being part of this, we hope to be transformed ourselves through the process. We love our wider community and have a focus on sharing God's love with people in genuine and authentic ways.

Matthew 28:19, Therefore go and make disciples of all nations. Baptising them in the name of the Father, of the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Exodus 33:14, My presence will go with you and I will give you rest

Life is about growth. To be part of Cornerstone Church is to be growing in life and faith with no barriers. It's about a daily journey of genuine encounters with God. As we live for Jesus, we are being transformed by his power and for his purpose. In this process, we become more like him and more uncomfortable with being stagnent in our spiritual life.

Luke 8:15, But the seed on good soil stand for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop.

Unify Selwyn Night Service

Selwyn Night Service


A place for ALL young adults to connect with God and each other, to be refilled, refreshed and empowered. 

Last Sunday of the month @ 999 Goulds Road, Rolleston

Cornerstone unify logo

Visit with us this Sunday


Sunday's 10:00am

Cornerstone Church Rolleston
Rolleston Communit
y Centre, 94 Rolleston Drive

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Sunday's 10:00am

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Cornerstone Church family camp

Find a Connect Group

Connect groups are the heart of our church.

We have many different groups gathering each week from young adult groups to parents groups, 65 plus groups and everything in between. We would love to connect with you and find a group that you would like to join.

Meet our Pastors

This is the Cornerstone team that work together to lead Cornerstone to have a stronger con

Meet the Full Team

Connect with us

Prayer Meetings & Requests

Cornerstone church is about creating environments where people connect with god, connect with each other, and connect others to god with Jesus at the centre

Bi-Weekly Prayer Meeting:
Join us Mondays at 7:30pm @ the Cornerstone Hub

Prayer Request:
Let us know what your Prayer needs are, and one of our prayer warriors will pray for you.

Cornerstone Womens Ministry

Upcoming Events

We have a number of  events and gatherings that foster fellowship, personal growth, and deep connections

At Cornerstone Church Rolleston, we host enriching events uniting our church family. Designed for spiritual growth and joy, these gatherings feature inspiring guest speakers. Our events cultivate fellowship, personal growth, and deep connections, offering something for all. Whether you seek personal enrichment, community bonds, or spiritual nourishment, our church events welcome you. Join our lively community, where you'll find warmth, shared faith, and the pure enjoyment of fellowship

Stay Connected

'Church Center' is a mobile app where the Cornerstone Rolleston family can explore, engage, and become involved throughout the week, getting to know the heart of our Church.

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