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Church Center is a mobile app where the Cornerstone Rolleston family can explore, engage, and get involved throughout the week and get to know the heart of Cornerstone Rolleston.

The homepage is where you find out more about Cornerstone Rolleston and get directions on how to engage as well as find out about events, times, connect groups and so much more, the app can also be used to engage with Cornerstone Rolleston.

To install the app click one of the links to the left and install the Church Center app then search Cornerstone Rolleston and follow the prompts


Our Facebook pageS

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Cornerstone Public page 

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Members page 

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Cornerstone Youth Group page 

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Monday Night​ Prayer

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Tithes and offerings

To get 33% back on your donations you will need a Cornerstone Tithing number, fill out the form below to be set up with a Tithing number. 

Click here to apply for a Tithing number 


Impact is simply Cornerstone’s response to Christ’s command to love others as yourself.

This is a ministry designed to meet the practical needs of those in our community. It’s love in action, it’s community engagement with the ultimate call to see community transformation through the work of the Gospel.

women's ministry

We have a great women’s ministry leadership team, that consists of woman from all ages and backgrounds. Our team create great environments of connection and growth for women of all ages.


Everything from conferences, coffees, road trips to clothes swaps and nature walks.

For more information Contact – Kath - 027 451 6550